Els nostres objectius i què fem


We want to protect and ensure the agricultural use, livestock and forestry rural spaces in perpetuity

objectius objectius2

The goals we want to achieve from Earth Franca are:

  • Preserve land for farming practice of social, environmentally and economically fair
  • Promote access to land for people and organizations that promote agroecological projects viable in the long term
  • Influencing the needs and expectations of the property with a noble sense of responsibility and the common good is the land
  • Train and support farmers / agro-ecological projects are beginners
  • Influence current policies to encourage a change in agricultural model
  • Raise awareness to dignify the profession of farming
  • Claiming the management of disused public spaces

All these objectives are subject to the model to promote and encourage extended: agroecological system,[1] high value-added model can transfer your benefit to rural and society in general.

[1] Understood as a holistic system that includes agriculture and livestock activities related to environmentally and socially sensitive; focusing not only in production but also in the ecological sustainability of the production system. So, in the development and realization of the projects will take into account the three key elements: the ecological approach, la preocupació social i la sostenibilitat econòmica.