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The famous program The Green Scarab Beetle La 2 Spanish TV broadcast a new report anomentat YO, PASTOR where participated our president, Jordi Martí in. L ';will be broadcast on Friday 20 March at 18.15h and repeated Sunday 22 at 13h.

If you want to find a breakthrough in the report or if you can not see live we leave the program website where you will find interviews, fotos i videos:

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Presentation of Earth Day in France ";Challenges and opportunities in the recovery of;olive wasteland ";, 27 de febrer de 2015


Organized by the Natural Park of Montgrí, Illes Medes and Lower Ter, took place on 02.27.2015, in the Mediterranean Museum of Torroella, a day dedicated to presenting a draft recovery of abandoned olive groves within the park boundaries. In the area of ​​Montgrí, formerly, s’;Oil was produced by the cultivation of;olive variety Argudell. Currently, except for;a small farm, crops are abandoned, Park officials but have started a project to recover the production of olive groves organically. With this intention, was commissioned a study of economic viability at the University of Girona, which was presented during the conference. In addition, seen that the olive groves are fragmented into many small plots·the various owners, Terra Franca was asked to make a presentation in December that its objectives and working methods to study the possibility of;exercise mediation in the transfer of;use of property. Finally, i a tall d’;experience of;success, the;Break conservation association presented its sustainable development project agroambiental Garrigues, which produces the;was ";Wild ";, a product of;excel·Lens quality, strictly organic methods.



Congress of Social and Solidarity Economy

xerrada TF a Saragossa

27th, 28 i 29 November, Zaragoza, held the Congress of Social and Solidarity Economy, organized by REAS Aragon (Network Alternative and Solidarity Economy). The congress, had a successful call, because it was attended by over 700 people, 200 different organizations were represented up to 7 different countries.

Terra Franca was a guest in the 6 areas of work, and on the 27th we made our explanation in a roundtable entitled The Re-back to the field, together with Maria del Mar Martin, de l'organització Embrace the earth.

Col·conference was attended by about 50 people and we noticed a great receptivity and affinity. Among the attendees were people linked to municipal projects interesting, working on the same line but different scale. At the same time, contributions to the debate was very suggestive. One point that it was so important was the future law as it affects Montoro full, the future of farming villages.

The project who shared table, works by inserting the rural world from the side of the residence and cohabitation as a key. In less than 10 years have received more than 11.000 sun·applications and have successfully co·working with the insertion of more than 2000 people in rural.

At the same conference, Terra Franca also participated in the workshop "Food sovereignty from municipal initiatives ", where there were only organizations working, from different perspectives, food sovereignty: initiatives from municipal parks and agricultural organizations such as Red Terrae, Rural Platform, Emmaus, Ecologisatas in Action and many others. In this workshop has come a very interesting document called "Charter for a food sovereignty from our municipalities”, redacatat and collected by including Gustavo Duch, Journal of Food Sovereignty.

participació grup sobirania alimentaria


Course on participatory methodology for agro-ecological transition

L ';Agricultural Training School organizes the course of Manresa “;Participatory methodologies for the agro-ecological transition "; with the;objective criteria to work on various key points that affect the production of agro-ecological and environmental aspects of the countryside. Also known stages of the transition process and some agro-ecological dynamics and techniques to encourage participation in each of;they.

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“;Degrowth: an emerging reality ";

On September 24, at the University of Girona, was carried out the day “;Degrowth: an emerging reality "; organized by the;Association of Naturalists and the same Girona Girona. L ';Earth Team France took part in a workshop and presented their activities. The conference was developed to briefly summarize how:

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TF Introduction to the Second Conference of the Contemporary Landscape Baix Llobregat

On 5 July, Earth was the presentation of France under the Second Conference of the Contemporary Landscape Baix Llobregat, organized by the Center for;Regional Studies Baix Llobregat, in the premises of the;entity, the motto: Farming in urban environments, management and social commitment.

Approximately fifty to;Attendees were able to meet the objectives and work of the Earth France thanks to the explanations that make George Martin with the;help of;Footage screened. The conference also unveiled similar experiences at Terra Franca, such as Menorca and the;Green Belt of Vitoria.

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Pagesia in transició. Experiences and instruments for the relief

This month of;August in the framework of the;Church Montella Cady, occasion of the Day of the Group of;Friends Montellà (GAM) there was a meeting entitled: Pagesia in transició. Experiences and instruments for the relief. They presented the project to the;Pastors School and two experiences of Catalonia: the pastor Jordi Cardona, Former alumne of;School, and the book ";A cel ras. Conversations with young shepherds "; Laia Ahumada. L ';church was packed Sunday as a festival is that it is the issue ';deserved it!