Arxiu mensual: April 2014

Introducing Terra Franca Manlleu (Osona), 25.04.2014

On the 25th of;April saw the presentation of France as part of Earth Week PIC organized by;Association of Farmers farming eyes (WHAT) d’;Osona Group and the Defense Ter (GDT). The participants who gathered in the hall of the Municipal Market Manlleu followed carefully intervention Gustavo Duch, Coordinator of the journal Food Sovereignty, which dealt with the crisis of;capitalist economy and its effects on the peasantry in Catalonia, and the unavoidable need to change the model if the country wants to move towards food sufficiency without damaging the environment and the people who make it possible.

The second part of the;event was dedicated to the presentation of Terra Franca. Jordi Martí i Laia de Ahumada, with the support of;an attractive presentation, explained the objectives and current status of the;It associació. The great interest shown by participants during the;exposure, was followed during subsequent snack, prepared with fine·lens products from local producers.

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Days exchange Grundtvig project in Catalonia. From 8th to;11 d’;April

Day 8 at the;11 d’;April, Terra Franca exercise of;Host, together with theShepherd School of Catalonia i la XCT to meet the projecte Grundtvig “Acces to land” which includes all three entities. This project was aimed at sharing experiences between European institutions to promote access to land for;new farmers linked to agroecology. Have been two years of visits around Europe where we could learn how civic initiatives can transform the politics of access to land in various countries initiative and how public input can facilitate the access and approach to earth people who aim to initiate projects related to agriculture and cattle raising social and environmental criteria.

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Conference ";L ';access to land in Europe and in Catalonia ";. Thursday, 10 d’;April 2014

On April 10 we will be in Santa Coloma the conference "Access to land in Europe and Catalonia". Presents three European initiatives related to access to land, they are becoming the spearhead of social movements that have to struggle once the relief of farmers, linking to agroecology and especially to ensure that agricultural land is protected to be able to develop a farming environmentally and socially responsible. There will be a formal presentation "Terra Franca"As the project 's;mirrors in these initiatives foreign.

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