Arxiu mensual: February 2014

Presentation of the book ";A cel ras. Conversations with young shepherds "; badalo

A cel ras.On Saturday 22 February 2014, a les 16 h, presentation took place, badalo, the llibre of Laia of Ahumada “A cel ras. Conversations with young shepherds " (Pagès editors, 2013). As the author said in his presentation, This is a book full of the synergies made possible, the feed and push beyond the content of his words. And this is not a rhetorical phrase, but a reality that has led the author to engage in school-pastors giving all the benefits of the book for their projects, and the project Terra Franca. The reason is that all conversations found that young shepherds and shepherdesses had a problem in common: access to land, and therefore "had to do something to facilitate access to land these new settlers twenty-first century, Unlike the old, not been frank with land but, mass sovint, occupied by the miserliness and speculation. "

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