Arxiu mensual: gener 2014

Introducing Terra Franca Forum Catalan and Liberation Theology

Sunday 26 January saw the presentation of Earth in the context of France Meeting-2014 of Forum Catalan and Liberation Theology, held in co·College of;Pia School of Delegation, in Barcelona. A large audience followed very closely the;explanation of the objectives, operation and the current state of Earth Franca. In al·Discussion to be opened once the presentation could be considered and answered various questions and contributions of these.

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Diffusion Earth Franca lands of;Ebre Tarragona. Colldejou, 17.12.2013

In line unveiled Terra Franca and the work intend to have me dur, has scheduled a series of meetings, throughout the territory of Catalonia, to which people are invited, organizations and levels of government that considers may be interested to know Terra Franca, both in the use of its services as the support and involvement in achieving their goals.

The first of these meetings took place 17 December 2013, the population Colldejou, beautiful village of Lower Camp, playing Priory. An environment with a lot of wasted farmland.

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