this meeting, sponsored per Terra Franca, Earth Links i Coop57, intended to meet members of the foundations of Terre de Liens and Coop57 to share story, situation and methods of fundraising. It was also an opportunity to share and debate on the ethical criteria for accepting donations and forms of governance. By the foundation Terre de Liens attended by the director, Jerôme Deconinck, and responsible for fundraising, Gabriela Calmon. Per part de l’;Association Terre de Liens, hi i Rioufoul van participar Véronique Simon Moliner. By the foundation Coop57, Anna López (Chairwoman), Isabel Moga i Alfons Santos (board members). Also attended Marion, Xavi and Raimon Gassiot of the;technical team Coop57. Per part de l’;Land management team were there Laia Franca de Ahumada, Clara Griera and Jordi Martí.

The meeting served to make the two projects began to establish bonds of trust and sharing;information and methodologies, as well as the;explore synergies that could be developed in the future.

About l'autor
Jordi Martí Mercantile Expert, with music and Catalan Philology. Membre de la cooperativa Germinal dels dels seus inicis, focuses on promoting agroecology and conscious consumption and transformer.