IMG-20170311-WA00009 to l ';March 11, 2017, took place in the;Calabria Space Conference XV-66 Consumer Criticism, organized a series of co·groups (ASAC, Entrepobles, VSF, Consumer Solidarity Network, Global Network of Women, observers DESC, Association Health and Agroecology, Ecologists in Action and ground), advocating and make proposals for the transition towards a model of sustainable production and consumption, i realize leos. This announcement was working to reflect and make proposals ahead define the outline of what our country.

Terra Franca hi va tenir presència, per mitjà de la participació de la nostra companya Clara Griera, a la taula rodona: “;Food sovereignty in the constitution ";, in the chapter about ";Terra agricultural ";, which could expose and share with participants the objectives and challenges of our association.

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Jordi Martí Mercantile Expert, with music and Catalan Philology. Membre de la cooperativa Germinal dels dels seus inicis, focuses on promoting agroecology and conscious consumption and transformer.