On 13 and 14 June 2014 Terra Franca took part in the meeting The test areas (the agricultural incubators) and access to land: tools to support the next generation of farmers which took place in Aude (France). The meeting, organized by Terre de Liens, Terra Franca, Rial and Project Grípia, attended by fifty people. The meeting served to make an exchange;experiences between different institutions and deepen the concept of;espai test implementing in France.

A test area is a place where people want to spend the;agricultural activity are formed and put into practice the knowledge acquired for a period of time, ranging from six months to three years. It is particularly useful for all those people who want to join the field but that does not have a tradition of peasant behind. In France there are increasingly more people who want to do this step but have no proper training or the;access to land necessary. If you want to know more about these ";incubators d ';agricultural enterprises "; please see the following link:

French network of;space tests

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