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We encourage a sustainable agricultural model: respects the;environment and people


Terra Franca is a non-profit, incorporated as such in 2013 with the intention of establishing new models for the relationship between people and land management / social organizations or entrepreneurs who want to set·up in rural areas and people and / or organizations that own property and wish to influence the order of the resources of his estate to develop a project there agroecological.

Terra Franca concerns us see how farmland, Based on our food and our landscapes, are increasingly scarce. We see farmland as:

Threatened by a reality:

  • L ';speculation and the proliferation of;infrastructure
  • Other forms of;Speculation: fracking, Intensive farming and livestock, purchase of land by multinational or large capital
  • L ';impoverishment of rural diversity
  • The progressive abandonment of traditional farming

A common difficult due:

  • The lack of regulation of the price of land
  • The intensifiació of;farming
  • Aid related to land
  • L ';high initial investment required (livestock)
  • Misgivings property to rent their land
  • The lack of recognition of the;farming
  • Lack of formal education beyond
  • The lack of;experience and agrarian culture by young people and the general population