Day 8 at the;11 d’;April, Terra Franca exercise of;Host, together with theShepherd School of Catalonia i la XCT to meet the projecte Grundtvig “Acces to land” which includes all three entities. This project was aimed at sharing experiences between European institutions to promote access to land for;new farmers linked to agroecology. Have been two years of visits around Europe where we could learn how civic initiatives can transform the politics of access to land in various countries initiative and how public input can facilitate the access and approach to earth people who aim to initiate projects related to agriculture and cattle raising social and environmental criteria.

In our case we used to nurture in order to initiate and structure the project Terra Franca , with the;goal of creating a land bank public, accessible to new farmers and farmers in active or remain landless or, o bé, intend to regenerate your project.

This week we went to see several projects related to the school or pastors or to organizations that agricultural stewardship Catalonia. Estem parlant Part Serradas the Barnert, a project managed by Xevi sheep milk, Mary and Sergi; farm Rupit and Pruit Collsacabra of Living Landscapes, el Celler Can Torres, a small wine cellar natural ecological San Clemente Sescebes in the Empordà, the entity IAEDEN; the Fundació Emys project and its jungles and finally the organic gardening project the panicles the almond Vallès with George and Cristina.

Exemplary and very invigorating experiences. Projects that have a basic social, environmental and economic well-dimensioned we have farmers are happy and satisfied with their work. Projects that demonstrate that forms are possible, creative and respectful of the land and people, revitalize farming to home.

To conclude the meeting we conduct conferences "Access to land in Europe and Catalonia", where were the three most paradigmatic examples of access to land in Europe: "Terre de Liens", "Terre Vue" and "Regionalwert AG" and the experience of Terra Franca.


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