Notícies publicades per Jordi Martí

La CUP de Terrassa aposta per la Sobirania Alimentària, 8 d’;April 2015

Xerrada CUP-Terrassa_Ca n'Aurell_2015-04-08

On Wednesday April 8, la CUP de Terrassa, en el marc de la campanya Desfilant Terrassa-Teixint Sobiranies que la formació està duent a terme durant les darreres setmanes, va voler debatre entorn a la sobirania alimentària. En aquesta jornada, celebrada al Casal Cívic de Ca n’Aurell, es tractava de veure per una banda quina és la situació de l’accés a la terra a la ciutat, quines alternatives hi ha implantades en termes d’agricultura social, així com aprendre al voltant de la situació general del model agroalimentari.

En primer lloc Roc Padró, membre de Terra Franca i de la CUP de Terrassa, va presentar l’anàlisi de la situació de la ciutat entenent que, en un àmbit metropolità, “l’accés a la terra s’ha d’entendre des d’una perspectiva que no sols inclogui l’àmbit de l’agricultura periurbana professional sinó també els horts municipals i centrant-se bastant en l’impacte de les polítiques públiques en els mal anomenats horts marginals, which have lost more than 43 hectares in the last 10 years, sense voluntat per part de l’Ajuntament de trobar solució per a un model d’agricultura d’autoconsum que té unes funcions ambientals importants però sobretot socials” (In 2002 more than 1,300 people enjoyed a special garden). D’altra banda també es plantejà que “en les ciutats cal parlar de l’agricultura urbana amb projectes d’horts urbans en solars abandonats com Plantem-nos, they have identified more than 30 empty lots in a campaign that began in 2014. "

He also spoke Marc Montlló, tècnic al Centre Especial de Treball l’Heura, que va explicar el projecte d’agricultura social i ecològica de la seva entitat, en uns terrenys de l’Ajuntament de Can Bonvilar i que donen feina a una quarantena de persones, la major part de les quals tenen capacitats múltiples. Then he spoke Monica Vargas, membre de l’Observatori del Deute en la Globalització, que va fer una anàlisi més a escala superior de com funciona el sistema agroalimentari a nivell mundial, amb els potencials de cara a la sobirania alimentària i els riscs que cal afrontar.

Després de les presentacions es va iniciar un debat sobre com avançar cap a la Sobirania Alimentària. The main argument was that it should not be considered conventional and organic production as opposed to a priority to make a transition in which local producers can continue to maintain certain practices as' s;became a cultural change. In this sense, la Mónica Vargas va apuntar que “els tres aspectes més rellevants són aquest canvi cultural, la justícia social entesa des de l’àmbit agrari (retribucions justes, igualtat de gènere, relació entre productors i subcontractats) i sobretot recuperar una política alimentària real ja que, cada cop més, es tendeix a pensar en l’alimentació com a una mercaderia més”.

Introducing Terra Franca Manlleu (Osona), 25.04.2014

On the 25th of;April saw the presentation of France as part of Earth Week PIC organized by;Association of Farmers farming eyes (WHAT) d’;Osona Group and the Defense Ter (GDT). The participants who gathered in the hall of the Municipal Market Manlleu followed carefully intervention Gustavo Duch, Coordinator of the journal Food Sovereignty, which dealt with the crisis of;capitalist economy and its effects on the peasantry in Catalonia, and the unavoidable need to change the model if the country wants to move towards food sufficiency without damaging the environment and the people who make it possible.

The second part of the;event was dedicated to the presentation of Terra Franca. Jordi Martí i Laia de Ahumada, with the support of;an attractive presentation, explained the objectives and current status of the;It associació. The great interest shown by participants during the;exposure, was followed during subsequent snack, prepared with fine·lens products from local producers.

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Days exchange Grundtvig project in Catalonia. From 8th to;11 d’;April

Day 8 at the;11 d’;April, Terra Franca exercise of;Host, together with theShepherd School of Catalonia i la XCT to meet the projecte Grundtvig “Acces to land” which includes all three entities. This project was aimed at sharing experiences between European institutions to promote access to land for;new farmers linked to agroecology. Have been two years of visits around Europe where we could learn how civic initiatives can transform the politics of access to land in various countries initiative and how public input can facilitate the access and approach to earth people who aim to initiate projects related to agriculture and cattle raising social and environmental criteria.

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Conference ";L ';access to land in Europe and in Catalonia ";. Thursday, 10 d’;April 2014

On April 10 we will be in Santa Coloma the conference "Access to land in Europe and Catalonia". Presents three European initiatives related to access to land, they are becoming the spearhead of social movements that have to struggle once the relief of farmers, linking to agroecology and especially to ensure that agricultural land is protected to be able to develop a farming environmentally and socially responsible. There will be a formal presentation "Terra Franca"As the project 's;mirrors in these initiatives foreign.

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Introducing Terra Franca Girona. 13.03.2014

On March 13 of;This year saw the introduction of the Terra Franca hall;Civic Center events Ter, a Girona. The presentation was followed with great;interest by the dozen attendees, mostly young farmers are node Empordà La Garrotxa Teal- and then led an interesting and fruitful dialogue. Virtually all attendees complained about the lack of arable land in the area of;Emporda and the difficulties of dealing directly with the owners, gain ';No trust and avoid paying extortionate prices for land. In this sense, suggested that one of the tasks of France was the land of;served as reference for farmers / s on the price to pay for the rent of the land. Farmers / The teal is proposed to make a presentation Terra Franca in the context of;one of their regular meetings.


Presentation of the book ";A cel ras. Conversations with young shepherds "; badalo

A cel ras.On Saturday 22 February 2014, a les 16 h, presentation took place, badalo, the llibre of Laia of Ahumada “A cel ras. Conversations with young shepherds " (Pagès editors, 2013). As the author said in his presentation, This is a book full of the synergies made possible, the feed and push beyond the content of his words. And this is not a rhetorical phrase, but a reality that has led the author to engage in school-pastors giving all the benefits of the book for their projects, and the project Terra Franca. The reason is that all conversations found that young shepherds and shepherdesses had a problem in common: access to land, and therefore "had to do something to facilitate access to land these new settlers twenty-first century, Unlike the old, not been frank with land but, mass sovint, occupied by the miserliness and speculation. "

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Introducing Terra Franca Forum Catalan and Liberation Theology

Sunday 26 January saw the presentation of Earth in the context of France Meeting-2014 of Forum Catalan and Liberation Theology, held in co·College of;Pia School of Delegation, in Barcelona. A large audience followed very closely the;explanation of the objectives, operation and the current state of Earth Franca. In al·Discussion to be opened once the presentation could be considered and answered various questions and contributions of these.

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Diffusion Earth Franca lands of;Ebre Tarragona. Colldejou, 17.12.2013

In line unveiled Terra Franca and the work intend to have me dur, has scheduled a series of meetings, throughout the territory of Catalonia, to which people are invited, organizations and levels of government that considers may be interested to know Terra Franca, both in the use of its services as the support and involvement in achieving their goals.

The first of these meetings took place 17 December 2013, the population Colldejou, beautiful village of Lower Camp, playing Priory. An environment with a lot of wasted farmland.

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