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    “;We want to protect and ensure the agricultural use,
    livestock and forestry in rural areas in perpetuity ";

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    “;Our commitment: ensure use
    respectful of the land according to the expectations of the property ";

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    “;We bring together citizens who want
    influence responsibly in the future of our farmers ";

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    “;We encourage a sustainable agricultural model:
    environmentally and people ";

If ets some d ';these people, contact Terra Franca


Here Som

Terra Franca is a non-profit association born the;in 2013 and formed by a group of people from different areas and paths. The Earth and the;farming are our reason for being.



What we do

Promovem l’;responsible use of land. Access the ownership of rural properties through the;Renting the adquisició, and support rural farmers are looking to start your project or agricultural livestock.



How we work

On the development of;agricultural activity in the;adoption of agro-ecological criteria. Networking with other organizations, organizations and individuals in order to;establish synergies in the various actions undertaken by the;It associació.


Latest News Terra Franca

Terra Franca participa en una jornada organitzada per la Fundació del Món Rural, 8 de juny de 2017

Organitzada per la Fundació del Món Rural (FMR), va tenir lloc el dia 8 de juny de 2017 una jornada…; Read more »;

Terra Franca participa en una sessió de debat sobre gestió dels comunals a Navàs, 20 de maig de 2017

El 20 de maig de 2017, Terra Franca va participar a Navàs en una jornada en què, amb el lema “;Per la…; Read more »;

Presentació Terra Franca en Jornada Innovación Social en el Medio Rural, comarca Gúdar-Javalambre, 1 d’;abril de 2017

La comarca Gúdar-Javalambre es troba situada a l’;extrem sud de la Comunitat Autònoma d’;Aragó, a la p…; Read more »;

Terra Franca participa a les XV Jornades de Consum Crític, March 11, 2017

9 to l ';March 11, 2017, took place in the;Calabria Space Conference XV-66 Consumer Criticism,…; Read more »;

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